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William E.S. Robinson Public Service Award

The South Carolina Bankruptcy Law Association presents the William E.S. Robinson Public Service Award each year at the Annual Seminar. This honor is awarded to a SCBLA member selected by the Board of Directors, as having rendered distinguished public service to the legal profession and the community as was exemplified by Billy Robinson during his life.


Only members of the South Carolina Bankruptcy Law Association are eligible. To make the award nonpolitical, active judges and elected public officeholders are excluded, but past service in such positions may be considered.


Please address all that apply:

  • The nominee has shown individuality through creative problem-solving while setting an inspirational example of industriousness, unselfish dedication and determination causing him/her to be admired and respected by his/her peers.
  • The individual has demonstrated in dedication to the development and delivery of legal services to the poor through pro bono services.
  • The individual has participated in an activity that resulted in recognizing an unsatisfied need or in extending services to under served segments of the population.
  • The individual has made an extraordinary contribution toward improving lives of low income persons either by direct intervention or indirect organization and/or empowerment.
  • The individual exhibits a quest for fairness and truth and a history of commitment.
  • The individual exhibits high ethical standards and shows courtesy and respect to the court, fellow members of the bar and the client community.
  • The individual has provided service to his/her profession by participating in efforts that will benefit the bankruptcy legal community as a whole.

Nominations and supporting materials should be submitted to Aimee Hiers at SCBLA Headquarters. Other information or documentation that may be submitted include the following:

  • Resume of nominee.
  • Materials which demonstrate the candidate’s community and/or legal contribution, including articles, brochures or other documents.
  • A description of the services provided and a list of all activities or public service projects.
  • Letters of support from or names, telephone numbers and addresses of others who are aware of the candidate’s community or legal contribution.

William E.S. Robinson Award Winners

2023  Beth Atkins

2020  Tara E. Nauful

2019 Keith Poston

2018 J. Edwin McDonnell

2017 Sean Markham

2016 Janet B. Haigler

2015 Susan Ingles

2014 John Butler

2013 G. William McCarthy

2012 Lex A. Rogerson Jr.

2011 Suzanne G. Grigg

2010 Kevin Campbell

2009 R. Geoff Levy

2008 Pamela Beasley

2007 Edward Bailey

2006 Lex A. Rogerson Jr.

2005 Robin L. Blume

Linda K. Barr,
Edward L. Bailey,
Robert H. Cooper,
Gina R. McMaster,
William C. McMaster III

2003 Jan M. Baker

2002 C. Jennalyn Dalrymple

2001 Dana E. Wilkinson

2000 Barbara George Barton

1999 Julio E. Mendoza

1998 Sharon K. Butler

1997 John R. Lester

1996 Michael M. Beal

1995 John A. Pincelli

1994 Jane Harris Downey

1993 George B. Cauthen

1992 Tobias G. Ward

Michael J. Cox,
Jeanne C. Roberts,
Cathy F. Sease,
John T. Stack,
Donald H. Stubbs

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