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2017-2018 Monthly Meeting Dates

September 21, 2017
October 19, 2017
November 16, 2017
January 25, 2018
February 15, 2018
March 15, 2018
April 19, 2018

2017 SCBLA Monthly Meetings

Conference Call Information:

Dial in Number: (877) 885-3221

Conference Call Passcode: 5268383

If you have problems during the conference call please dial *0 and if you can not get connected please call (866) 677-7389 for assistance.

Columbia Area

Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough
Meridian Building 1320 Main Street, Suite 1700  Columbia, SC.
Parking is available in the garage off Washington Street in unreserved spots (i.e., no numbers) or street parking off Main, Washington, Sumter or Lady Street. Bring parking ticket with you to be validated.

Myrtle Beach Area – NEW LOCATION

Members in the Myrtle Beach area may attend a satellite meeting at Clemmons Law Firm, 1800 N. Oak Street, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577 (843) 448-4246.

Pee Dee Area

There is  no longer a satellite location for the Pee Dee area.

Conference call information, certificate of attendance and handouts (if headquarters receives in time) for the meeting will be available on the SCBLA website the day of the meeting.  If you have any questions please contact Aimee Hiers  at SCBLA headquarters (803) 252-5646 or

September 21, 2017

Topic:  Recent Foreclosure and Collections Decisions

Featured Speakers:  Weyman C. Carter & Paul D. Harrill

September 2017 HandoutsSeptember 2017 Certificate of Attendance

August 24, 2017

Topic:  A ‘Supreme’ Year for Bankruptcy Practitioners:  Midland Funding, Jevic

Featured Speakers:  Graham Mitchell, and featuring guest speakers Chase Espy and Jason Tompkins, Counsel for Midland Funding in Midland Funding, LLC v. Johnson

August 2017 HandoutsAugust 2017 Certificate of Attendance

June 29, 2017

Topic:   Selected Issues in Attorney Retention – Part 2

Featured Speakers:  Linda Barr, Elisabetta Gasparini, & Tim Stack

June 2017 Handouts / June 2017 Certificate of Attendance

May 18, 2017

Topic:   Attorney’s Fees in Chapters 11 and 13: Forms, Procedures, and Best Practices

Featured Speakers:  Gretchen Holland & Linda Barr

May 2017 Handouts / May 2017 Certificate of Attendance

March 16, 2017

Topic:   Selected Issues in Attorney Retention

Featured Speakers:  Linda Barr, Elisabetta Gasparini, & Tim Stack

March 2017 Handouts / March 2017 Certificate of Attendance

February 16, 2017

Topic:   Ethics:  2016 SC Bankruptcy Ethics Cases – What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Featured Speaker: Johnny Butler

February 2017 Handouts / February 2017 Certificate of Attendance

January 26, 2017

The January meeting will be held at the bankruptcy court with live video conferencing at the Charleston and Spartanburg court locations. 

Topic:  Technology in the Courtroom: Electronic Evidence and Video Conferencing Capabilities of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court 

Featured Speakers: The Honorable David R. Duncan and the staff of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court

January 2017 Handouts / January 2017 Certificate of Attendance

November 17, 2016

Topic:  Constructive, Resulting and Equitable Trusts and Their Interplay with Strong Arm Powers 

Featured Speaker: Bob Anderson and Christie Brimm

November 2016 Handouts / November 2016 Certificate of Attendance

October 20, 2016

Topic:  Exemptions in South Carolina: A Few Practice Pointers 

Featured Speaker: Däna Wilkinson

October 2016 Handouts / October 2016 Certificate of Attendance

September 15, 2016

Topic:  Conduit Mortgage Payment Procedures  

Featured Speaker: Andrew A. Powell, Law Clerk to The Honorable John E. Waites

September 2016 Handouts / September 2016 Certificate of Attendance

August 18, 2016

Topic:  Denial of Discharge Due to Failure to Make Direct Payments as Provided for in a Chapter 13 Plan

Featured Speaker: Chris Edwards and Christine Loftis

August 2016 Handouts / August 2016 Certificate of Attendance

July 21, 2016

Topic:  New Foreclosure Rebuttable Presumptions Under TILA

Featured Speaker: Jason Wyman

July 2016 Handouts /  July 2016 Certificate of Attendance

June 16, 2016

Topic: Are creditors set up to fail?

Featured Speaker: Lee O’Steen

June 2016 Handouts / June 2016 Certificate of Attendance

March 17, 2016

Topic: There are Trustees, and Then There are Trustees

Featured Speakers: Emily McMillan and Ken Wingate

March 2016 Handouts / March 2016 Certificate of Attendance

February 18, 2016

Topic: Ethics

Featured Speaker: Harvey Watson III of Ballard & Watson

February 2016 Handouts / February 2016 Certificate of Attendance

January 21, 2016

Topic: Looking Back and Ahead – Form and Rule Changes

Featured Speaker: L. Jefferson Davis, Chief Deputy Clerk of Court, South Carolina Bankruptcy Court

January 2016 Handouts / January 2016 Certificate of Attendance

November 19, 2015

Topic:  Filling the Cornucopia with C.A.R.E. – Training for the C.A.R.E Presenter.

Speakers: The Honorable John E. Waites, Dr. Bruce Cole and Jane Downey, Esq. 

November 2015 Handouts / November 2015 Certificate of Attendance

October 21, 2015

Topic: Section 363 Sales

Speakers: Christine Brimm & Michael Weaver

October 2015 Handouts / October 2015 Certificate of Attendance

September 17, 2015

Topic: Accounting 101 for Bankruptcy Attorneys

Speakers: Marty Ouzts, CPA

 September 2015 Handouts / September 2015 Certificate of Attendance

August 20, 2015

Topic: Spoken in your Office, Read in the Courtroom: What Corporate Officers and Trustees Need to Know About the Waiver of the Attorney-Client Privilege in Bankruptcy

Speakers: Jennifer Lyday and Francisco Morales

August 2015 Handouts / August 2015 Certificate of Attendance

July 16, 2015

Topic: What you need to know about evidence and when you need to know it

Speakers: John Barton

July 2015 Handouts  / July 2015 Certificate of Attendance

June 18, 2015

Topic: Consent to Jurisdiction: Your Wellness Checkup  

Speakers: Honorable David Duncan and Thomas W. Waldrep, Jr.

June 2015 Handouts  /June 2015 Certificate of Attendance

April 16, 2015

Topic: Hot Topics From Three Masters in Equity

Speakers: Honorable Mikell Scarborough, Charleston County Master in Equity; Honorable Dale Van Slambrook, Berkeley County Master in Equity; and Honorable James Spence, Lexington County Master in Equity

There are no handouts for the meeting this month / April 2015 Certificate of Attendance

March 19, 2015

Topic:  South Carolina Sales and Use Taxes: Operation and Administration of the Taxes and Potential Discharge in Bankruptcy

Speakers: Erik P. Doerring & Adam Landy

March 2015 Handouts  /  March 2015 Certificate of Attendance

February 19, 2015

Topic: South Carolina Bankruptcy Ethics Cases 2014

Speakers: John B. Butler III

 February 2015 Handouts / February 2015 Certificate of Attendance

January 15, 2015

Topic: Office Technology for the Solo and Small Office Lawyer

Speakers: Sean Markham & Jason Ward

January 2015 Handouts  Additional HandoutsJanuary 2015 Certificate of Attendance

November 20, 2014

Topic: What’s New and What’s Coming: An Update From the Clerk’s Office

Speaker: Laura Austin, Clerk of Court and Jeff Davis, Chief Deputy Clerk of Court; U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of South Carolina

November 2014 Handouts / November 2014 Certificate of Attendance

October 16, 2014

Topic: Article 9 Perfection Issues

Speaker: Professor Phil Lacy, University of South Carolina School of Law

October 2014 Handout / October 2014 Certificate of Attendance

September 18, 2014

Topic: An Overview of Mediation and Its Use in Bankruptcy

Speaker: Tara Nauful, Michael Beal, and Bill Metzger

September 2014 Handouts / September 2014 Certificate of Attendance

August 21, 2014

Topic: Death, Inheritance and Insurance in Consumer Cases

Speaker: Elizabeth Atkins, Wendi Freeman, Elizabeth Jenkins

August 2014 Handouts / August 2014 Certificate of Attendance

July 17, 2014

Topic: Chapter 9 Bankruptcies

Speaker: Stan McGuffin

July Handouts / July 2014 Certificate of Attendance

June 26, 2014

Topic: Executive Benefits Insurance Agency v. Arkison (In re Bellingham Insurance Agency): What the Supreme Court did and did not say.

Speaker: Honorable David Duncan & David Wheeler

June 2014 Handouts / June 2014 Certificate of Attendance

April 17, 2014

Topic: UST’s Role in Chapter 11 Cases

Speaker:  Elisabetta G. Gasparini

April 2014 Handouts / April 2014 Certificate of Attendance

March 20, 2014

Topic: A Judge for all Seasons:  Practice Before Masters-in-Equity

Speaker:  The Honorable Joseph M. Strickland, Master-in-Equity for Richland County

March 2014 Handouts / March 2014 Certificate of Attendance

February 20, 2014

Topic: Chapter 15: When the world comes to South Carolina

Featured Speaker: Stan McGuffin

February 2014 Handout / February 2014 Certificate of Attendance

January 16, 2014
Topic:  ETHICS: You Lie! Ethics Meet the Lie, Misrepresentation and Less than the Whole Truth – PART III**
 **This seminar presents the third and final portion of an ethics presentation which began at the 2013 Annual Seminar.  This hour-long presentation covers new materials but includes a brief review of selected ethical issues covered during the prior two sessions.
Featured Speakers:  Barbara Barton, Russ DeMott, Lex Rogerson, Charles Summerall and Tim Stack

January 2014 Handout / January 2014 Certificate of Attendance

November 21, 2013

Topic:  Credit Reporting – How the System Works (and Doesn’t)

Featured Speaker:   David Maxfield

There is no handout for this month / Certificate of Attendance

October 17, 2013

Topic: Discharge of Taxes under Chapters 7 and 13 AND IRS Transcript Review – Practice and Tips

Featured Speaker: Erik P. Doerring

Handout / Certificate of Attendance

September 19, 2013

Topic: Exceptions to Discharge Under Section 523

Featured Speaker:  Sean Markham

Handout / Certificate of Attendance

August 15, 2013

Topic: Local Rules Update

Featured Speaker: Honorable L. Jefferson Davis, Acting Clerk of Court

Handout / Certificate of Attendance

July 18, 2013

5:30pm – 6:30pm

Topic: After the Case is Dismissed – Effect of Dismissal and Reinstatement of Cases and Related Topics

Featured Speaker: John B. Butler III

Handout / Certificate of Attendance

June 25, 2013

ETHICS: You Lie! Ethics Meet the Lie, Misrepresentation and Less than the Whole Truth – PART II

Barbara Barton, Russ DeMott, Lex Rogerson, Charles Summerall and Tim Stack

June 2013_Ethics ( Click link to download )  6-13_Certificate of Attendance


April 25, 2013

Reaffirmations, Tax Returns and Automatic Dismissal:

521 After BAPCPA

Joseph E. Mitchell III

April 2013_521 BANKLA / 4-13_Certificate of Attendance


March 21, 2013

Real Estate Valuation and Strip Down

Lawrence W. Johnson, Jr. & Michael G. Matthews

March 2013_real estate valuation / 3-13_Certificate of Attendance


February 28, 2013

Chapter 9, 11, and 12 Case Law Update

Lindsey Carlberg Livingston

Feb 2013_Chapter 9 11 12 Case Law Update / 2-13_Certificate of Attendance


January 24, 2013

South Carolina Bankruptcy 2012 Ethics Cases

John Butler

Jan 2013_ETHICS CASES 2012 / 1-13_Certificate of Attendance