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J. Bratton Davis Award

J. Bratton Davis Professionalism Award Criteria

This award is named in honor of J. Bratton Davis, this district’s first bankruptcy
judge under the Bankruptcy Code, and at the time of his retirement, the longest serving
bankruptcy judge in this district. Judge Davis always epitomized the best of the legal
profession: academic scholarship and perfection in his written opinions; considerate and
polite to all who appeared before him; and the consummate gentleman in all that he did.
He set the standard for professionalism for bench and bar, and it is hoped that the
standard that he has set will remain the goal of all that are involved in bankruptcy in this

The award is granted on an annual basis, and decided by the board of directors of
the South Carolina Bankruptcy Law Association. There is no requirement that the award
be given each year; if there are no nominations, or no decision on candidates, then the
award may not be made in such a year.  The board shall accept nominations from any
source. The award recipient will be announced at the annual meeting of the South
Carolina Bankruptcy Law Association. The recipient of the award shall be that individual that,
among the available candidates, most exhibits the following traits:

  1. Unimpeachable integrity.
  2. Devotion to legal scholarship.
  3. Civility to all.
  4. Unfailing professionalism in all ways.
  5. Impressive contributions and improvements to the legal profession.

The pool of available candidates includes any individual that works in the bankruptcy profession in South Carolina: judges, lawyers, accountants, law school professors, court or U.S. Trustee staff.  The award will be presented in the form of an appropriate plaque, and a summary of prior award winners will be posted in the lobby of the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of South Carolina, provided the General Services Administration and the Clerk of Court concur. All costs of the award production shall be borne by the South Carolina Bankruptcy Law Association. The Secretary of the South Carolina Bankruptcy Law Association shall ensure that notice of the most recent award winner is given to the appropriate publications. The most current year winner shall also serve on the J. Bratton Davis Scholarship award committee.

Nominations and supporting materials should be submitted to Aimee Hiers at SCBLA

J. Bratton Davis Award Winners

2018  William H. Short
2016  George B. Cauthen
2015  Ryan Hovis
2014  Honorable John Waites
2013  R. Geoff Levy
2012  W. Clarkson McDow, Jr.
2011  C. Jennalyn Dalrymple
2009  Timothy Stack
2007  Donald H. Stubbs
2004  Judge Wm. Thurmond Bishop